Best matching guidance system


RobotPilot_BF is a visual product which can assist the robot in replacing the human to achieve a precise assembly of the workpiece. By measuring the gap and surface between the workpiece and the key matching area of the body, RobotPilot_BF calculates the best matching position of the workpiece on car body, which can guide to correct the trajectory of the robot and finish assembling and tightening accurately.


Suitable for assembly workstations of bodyshop , including roof on main line , four doors, FK&HK on adjustment line and other outer cover parts

Suitable for assemblyshop including front and rear window , panoramic roof assembly workstation


  • Reduce comprehensive investment cost of workstation by replacing manual installation and adjustment

  • Achieve optimum gap surface difference matching by high-precision measurement and intelligent adjustment algorithm.

  • The process data and assembly results are recorded and evaluated to facilitate data monitoring and traceability

  • Adapted to different models of products by supporting line / face structured photosensors 

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