Hardware engineer

Workplace:HangZhouRecruiting numbers:2

Position responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the project hardware R&D works, including schematic diagram design, PCB design, reliability design, producibility design etc.

2.Responsible for the upgrading of existing hardware products, including improvements on product performance, modification on reliability and producibility;

3.Complete the hardware board test for new products, including test for power, signal quality;

4.Prepare design and test documents relevant to the hardware R&D process of the company.

Position requirements:

Education background: Master degree and above

Major: Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, Communication Engineering, Electronic Information Engineering, Automation, Computer or related

1.Familiar with digital circuit, analog circuit, master instruments such as multimeter, oscilloscope;

2.Proficient in the application of EDA design software, such as Cadence;

3.Embedded microprocessor or FPGA hardware circuit design experience preferred;

4.With excellent logical analysis and independent problem solving capabilities;

5.Proficient in reading technical documents in Chinese and English;

6.Full of team spirit, sense of responsibility, and good communication skills.

Front-end Web Developer

Workplace:HangZhouRecruiting numbers:1

C++ software engineer

Workplace:HangZhouRecruiting numbers:4

Position responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the development of machine vision software product, participate in the product development and maintenance;

2.Responsible for the function implementation of machine vision software product, and the development of submodules such as communication, acquisition, calculation and storage.

Position requirements:

Education background: Bachelor degree and above

Major: Computer Science and Technology, Software Engineering, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, IT, Communication or related;

1.Knowledge in the feature of C/C++ language, proficient in software development with VS, familiar with version management tools such as SVN, Git

2.Familiar with development of software for Windows, Linux platforms, technologies on network communication and multithreading

3.With strong sense of quality and leaning capability, good communication skills and team spirit; participate in relevant programming contests preferred;

4.With good programming practice and technical document preparation habit, responsible, good team work spirit and strong autonomous learning capability, think with clear logic, and work under pressure;

5.With good expression and communication capability, highly passionate and interested in software programming.

Three-dimensional Development Engineer

Workplace:HangZhouRecruiting numbers:1

System test engineer

Workplace:HangZhouRecruiting numbers:4

Position responsibilities:

1.Program the robot track;

2.In charge of the system test for company product (function test, performance test, stability test etc.);

3.Ensure the quality of system tested, and improve the R&D outcomes and efficiency with innovation in test process and method;

4.Prepare automatic test script, realize the automatic function test, and performance test.

Position requirements:

1.Bachelor degree and above, major in science, computer or related;

2.Team spirit, good as understand and adaption to changes, constant passion to quality warranty; outgoing and positive, logical, good communication skills; with independent thinking and innovation capability;

3.With strong stress tolerance, passionate about test work, strong sense of responsibility, self-motivated and learning capability;

4.Practical automatic test script writing experience preferred;

5.Interested in vision inspection products preferred.

On-site technical support engineer

Workplace:Project sites in ChinaRecruiting numbers:10

Position responsibilities:

1.Trained to complete the installation of vision device, software configuration, robot debugging accompanied delivery as project planning;

2.Undertake after-sale technical support, training and other tasks;

3.Assist site manager to execute project plan according to the procedure, and keep record for project implementation;

4.Maintain proper communication with customers, summarize the suggestions by the customers, and feedback to the demand of customer;

5.Candidates with outstanding performance and competency would be reserved as trainee for on-site manager or technical manager.

Position requirements:

Education background: Bachelor degree

Major: Mechanical Manufacturing, Automation, Automotive Manufacturing, Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument

1.Knowledge and interested in machine vision;

2.With passion to learn new knowledge, and excellent practice capability;

3.With aspiration to improve and desire to fight for self-fulfillment;

4.Good stress tolerance, and adapt to frequent business trips and assignment as resident staff;

5.Measurement and Control, Automotive, Machinery, Electrical or a relevant field, robot and vision industry experience preferred. 


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