Blue light scanning measurement system


SophisScan is a non-contact optical three-dimensional measurement system. The system combines blue light scanning technology with photogrammetry technology, cooperates with industrial robot to realize the automatic scanning of high-density point cloud on the workpiece surface, uses a variety of feature measurement methods to analyze the overall morphology of the object, and realizes the high-precision measurement of three-dimensional dimension


Suitable for batch measurement, analysis and measurement of three-dimensional dimensions of stamping parts and welded assemblies


  • The blue grating projection is used for scanning to effectively resist the interference of ambient light

  • The single scanning width is up to 1000mm to realize large-scale and high-efficiency measurement

  • The point cloud density is up to 0.2mm, which can truly restore the surface details

  • Automatic photogrammetry technology eliminates the cumulative error of multiple measurements

  • The software package integrates many practical functions such as off-line programming, photogrammetry, three-dimensional scanning, feature detection and so on

  • One click operation can realize point cloud scanning, feature detection and report generation

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